South Park location
Wistlin' Willy's
Type Pizzaria/Arcade
First Child Abduction is Not Funny (as Crust E. Krotch's)
Last A Dream in a Dream in a Taco
Times 10
Whistlin' Willy's (previously Crust E. Krotch's) is a pizzeria/arcade in South Park. It first appeared in Child Abduction is Not Funny as Crust E. Krotch's. The place is a parody of Chuck E. Cheese's.



The restaurant is a building made of bricks and it looks old-fashioned with train wheels and old barrels outside of it. It has an illuminated sign on the roof which says "Whistlin' Willy's", and under it says "Pizza gultch. Est. 1986". At the top of the sign is an old man with a pizza hat and has lights around it that flash.


Inside, the place has tables at the center, and arcade machines and monitors at the walls. There is a man disguised as the guy at the top of the restaurant and whistles a lot and doesn't give the pizza until you whistle. There is also a VIP lounge which has a man that guards it.

Episodes prominent inEdit

  • "Child Abduction is Not Funny"
  • 'Quest for Ratings"
  • "The Losing Edge"
  • "Bloody Mary"
  • "Le Petit Tourette"
  • "Margaritaville"
  • "You're Getting Old"
  • "Double Under Danger"
  • "Hard and Safe"
  • "Astro Boy"
  • "A Dream in a Dream in a Taco"