South Park episode
"Warcraft Clan"
Shane Marks
Episode no. Season 1
Episode 4
Production no. 104
Original airdate None Needed
Episode chronology
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"A Kingdom of Midgets V" "The Sad Low Lifes"
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Shane and Andrew are annoyed that the boys declined thier WOW Clan join offer, so they make thier own one.


In Shane and Andrews room they are playing World of Warcraft. Thier characters run to the boys. Andrew asks them if they heard the clan news. Shane asks if they can join. Stan says they won't allow them to join because thier levels are low. Shane says that his skillfull and tactical. Andrew says he is actually fast at fighting. Before the boys leave them, Andrew replies "Shove it up your ars". Shane and Andrew are pissed off.

Outside, Shane and Andrew are still pissed that the boys left them from the World Of Warcraft Clan game. Shane tells Andrew they should make thier own clan to beat the boys. Andrew wonders who te get. The Madman pops up in front of them, telling them they should use Ashely and Benny. Shane uses his phone to call Amy. Shane is seen talking to Amy that Benny and Ashley should meet him at his house.

At Shane and Andrews bedroom, the brits are on World of Warcraft. They play their first match. Shane begings to start killing everyone easily. Andrew watches as this happens, but Benny is just standing down. Ashley casts water and the other clan dies

5 hours later they are facing the boys, Andrew starts punching Eric too quickly and the Shane rushes in and impales him. Shane laughing at this here, Eric is angry at him. Andrew turns to Kenny, he tells him he went on the wrong side, so Andrew throws an axe at Kenny's face. Kenny is killed. The You Killed Kenny Line was about to come but then is interrupted by Benny choking Kyle. Kyle is then dead. Stan never reliased how good they where so then he gives up. Ashley is already seen jumping off a roof to kill Stan which happens. Stan is shocked, and then the brits laugh at the boy. Kenny relises something awkward that this is 1779 all over again, but the brits won.

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