Coon and Friends episode
Darklent Mania
Episode no. Season 2

Episode 8

Production no. 207
Original airdate 2012
Episode chronology
←Previous Next →
"Army of Chaos" "Apoligies to Eric"
Season 2


  1. Eric Da Douche
  2. Tommy Appears
  3. The Coon is Back
  4. Time Machine
  5. To The Past
  6. Friends to the Past
  7. Army of Chaos
  8. Traitors
  9. Apoligies to Eric
  10. Back to the Present
  11. Full Coon and Friends
  12. Move to Berlin

Tratiors is a Coon and Friends: Timeline episode, it is the 8th episode of the second season.


As General Elyk and General Nats fight the Coon and Friends, Mysterion is inflicted in a wierd freakout. Silent Mania and the Dark One come up with a plan to become one.


Mysterion looks at Nats and Elyk and notice it's Kyle and Stan. The Dark One and Silent Mania look at them shocked. The Dark One questions them why they joined Butters. Elyk tells them that they are from a universe led by Butters. As Mysterion is about to attack, Nats fires a bolt at him and this makes Mysterion look at everything wierdly. Darkfly uses the Mind Changer on them and realises it doesn't work. Nats tells them they are wearing Y'slaimar. Then The Dark One mentions that they ripped it off from Star Wars.

Mysterion then starts to see wierd things and calls Darkfly a mermaid, Silent Mania a sniper and The Dark One a human pretzel. Darkfly notices that they've made him see wierd things. The Dark One looks at Silent Mania determined and says to him that they should perform the technique that took them months to do. Then The Dark One and Silent Mania runs towards each other and then a great bright light shows. The Coon, Proffesor Chaos and General Dissaray cover there eyes. In thier eyes Darklent Mania stands before them.

Elyk mentions the fact they ripped that from Dragon Ball Z. Darklent Mania doesn't care what they think, then as Elyk is about to punch him and Darklent Mania dodges the punch, then Darklent Mania grabs Nats head and Elyk's head and bashes them together causing a very large bang. Then Darklent Mania pushes them into the sun, ultimately killing them. Then Darklent Mania defuses and then Mysterion is okay. Mysterion wakes up and then the Coon goes to a little kid with a parka watching them. Mysterion begins to notice that it's him. Mysterion then tells him that he has to go through him. The Coon then begins to start a facedown with Mysterion. Then a sign says to be continued.

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