Coon and Friends episode
"Time Machine"
Episode no. Season 2

Episode 4

Production no. 204
Original airdate 2012
Episode chronology
←Previous Next →
"The Coon is Back" "To the Past"
Season 2


  1. Eric Da Douche
  2. Tommy Appears
  3. The Coon is Back
  4. Time Machine
  5. To the Past
  6. Friends to the Past
  7. Army of Chaos
  8. Traitors
  9. Appoligies to Eric
  10. Back to the Present
  11. Full Coon and Friends
  12. SilentMania's Power Change

Time Machine is the 4th episode of the 2nd Season of Coon and Friends.

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The Coon and Friends try to put a stop to The Coon's rampage in South Park. The Coon tries to find a way to slaughter Kenny's parents by going back in time. But before he can plot this plan they send the two South Park genuis to Star Trek world.


At the Coon and Friends base, the others are exhausted. Darkfly had started to sweat more. Mysterion was unimpressed with this display. The Dark One said to Mysterion that this has nothing to do with them and he should sort it out himself. Silent Mania was looking at the board and then Darkfly came up with the idea to send the two genius of South Park to the Star Trek Universe so Eric can't get a Time Machine. Mysterion then loves the idea.

At the two genuis house, they give them tickets to a portal of the Star Trek universe, both geeks love the idea and rush into the portal very quickly. Then the Coon and Friends head back to base as they are hoping that The Coon's plan to slaughter his parents won't work.

The Coon heads to the two geeks home and opens door, The Coon reads a note that says 'Gone to Star Trek Universe, Can't Find Us' The Coon then gets really pissed off and then writes a note to the The Coon and Friends.

The Coon and Friends get a note from the Coon saying 'Nice try, but there is 2 more genius in South Park." Mysterion then begins to wonder who those two other genuis were. The Dark One also wonders to. Then it shows the Coon knocking on to a blue house and 2 kids appear in Eric's eyes. Then the questions come up which says: 'Who are the 2 other genius of South Park? Will the geeks come back? And Will Ms.Choksondik ever come back alive?'

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