South Park episode
"The Impossible Mask"
Episode no. Season 1
Episode 1
Original airdate 6 January 2012
Episode chronology
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The Impossible Mask is the first episode of The Adventures of the Dark One.


A kid named Jacob is on a bus determanded to get home but a bunch of bikers are seeing him and kidnapping him to know where the Dark One is. Valon, one of the gang members traps Jacob in a spacesuit. Darkfly has a cameo saying "SPACESUIT'S AGAIN". The Dark One saves Jacob in cold blood when Jacob is taking to the Masks.

The Dark One punches and knocks out Mark Ranson, one of the members of the Masks. The Dark One touches the rest to forget he is. Jacob shouts "Wow!!". Jacob explains why did Valon take him, Jacob answered in a certain way. Jacob then asks where is he gonna stay, a new den is bulit up for him, possibly a present from Kenny.

Jacob stays with the Dark One to chat with Kenny over back in South Park, The Dark One tells Jacob that Kenny is his bestest friend. The Dark One later hears a knock at the door, it is the Mayor of Palm City who asks him "this is not on property" but the Dark One tells it's a gift from Kenny.

Valon then gets hold of the Dark One and asks him why he was here. Jacob later sees the biker gang and the Masks behind him, In shock horror, Valon shoots The Dark One leaving Jacob into tears.


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