Coon and Friends episode
"The Coon is Back"
Episode no. Season 2

Episode 3

Production no. 203
Original airdate 2012
Episode chronology
←Previous Next →
"Tommy Appears" "Time Machine"
Season 2


  1. Eric Da Douche
  2. Tommy Appears
  3. The Coon is Back
  4. Time Machine
  5. To the Past
  6. Friends to the Past
  7. Army of Chaos
  8. Traitors
  9. Appoligies to Eric
  10. Back to the Present
  11. Full Coon and Friends
  12. SilentMania's Power Change

The Coon is Back is an episode of Coon and Friends: Timeline


As Kenny tries to appoligise to Eric to save his son but Eric escaped an is now dressed as The Coon to go and find away to past and kill past Kenny. Now the Coon and Friends must try to find The Coon who is causing rampage in the town.


In the midnight, The Coon and Friends are in The Dark One's basement. Mysterion begins to talk to the three of them. Mysterion says that his life is in danger as The Coon is going to the past to kill him. Darkfly asks why they The Coon is killing him. Mysterion says that he pissed The Coon off and now he is going to kill him. The Dark One thinks that Tommy came to him, Mysterion says that The Dark One is correct. An explosion is heard so the Coon and Friends rush up to explosion.

At South Park Mall a fire is seen spreading aroud, The Coon and Friends get to place and then The Dark One sees a woman falling, she asks him to help and then gets her up, she then thanks him. As Silent Mania can't use his lasers he uses his acrobatic abilities to get to end of the fire. Darkfly points out to Silent Mania there is a hose. Mysterion rushes with Silent Mania and then they find a house and put the fire out. The Dark One and Darkfly regroup with the two of them. Darkfly knows it was the Coon who did it. Silent Mania does a hand signal that says "The Coon is not our enemy, his rampage is" Mysterion agrees.

At the hospital The Coon walks around and spreads another fire in the hostpital, The Coon annouces he will flee, which he does. The fire then spreads in the hospital killing all the patients, doctors and visitors. Moments later, The Coon and Friends appear to stop the rampaging. Mysterion goes through the back enterance while the others go through the main entrance. Darkfly bursts a water pipe with a hammer from the counter and then floods the place, Mysterion then gets all the people out of the building. Then The Dark One looks to the moon with a picture of Aunt Lorraine.

In the Coon and Friends Base, they begin realizing on how they are going to stop The Coon's rampage. Mysterion gets annoyed, Darkfly says they should spar altogether so they can train to defeat The Coon.

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