The Assassin is an episode of South Park: Shane's Journey.


All the kids in South Park get addicted to the Assassin's Creed franchise.


At Kyle' house, Sheila brings Kyle a game, Kyle jumps up hoping it is Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood. Kyle puts in the game in his Xbox 360. After a while, the boys come over, Shane comes to door saying he bought someone. Kyle tells Shane in a very angry way, it shouldn't be another dumb idiot. As Shane and the others walk through the door Andrew comes in. Kyle is happy because he hasn't seen him for a while. Stan tells Kyle that Andrew is now a 6th friend. Eric tells them there should only be six of them and it's enough. The boys sit down watching Kyle play Assassin's Creed. Shane thinks is awesome. Stan and Andrew think that it get borings after a while. Kyle passes the controller to Shane asking him to play. Shane starts playing, Shane assassinates a guard and fights four others.

They all get amazed after this, Shane passes the controller to Andrew, who plays very well. 2 hours later the boys are still playing Assassin's Creed Brotherhood. Sheila comes in to the room telling the boys to leave and Kyle to go outside. The boys refuse, Sheila shouts and the boys leave the room. Sheila comes in to Kyle's bedroom, she turns off the Xbox 360 and looks at the case of Assassin's Creed Brotherhood. It says that should not be played by anyone under 16 years of age due to craziness. Sheila drops the case and runs outside to Kyle. A noise is heard when Sheila reaches the boys. It seems that the boys are riding on Gerald Broflovski as a horse.

Andrew and Shane are staying back trying to help them snap out. Sheila orders the boys to boys to get off him Andrew and Shane are seen trying stop them. At the South Park Elementary Hall, the parents are meeting and Sheila is on the phone. She tells them that children have gotten addicted to Assassin's Creed. They all mumble and Amanda tells them that it is true. Sharon shout out to the parents to keep a good eye for the children. Randy tells them this has happened before, when everyone got addicted to Herion Hero. One parent shouts out to go protest, but Randy disagree as protesting just causes more problems. Shane and Andrew are seen comming in the meeting, Andrew tells them thiers a solution. The parents gasps as they can now free thier kids. Shane holds up a mayonaise bottle, Sheila walks up to them, telling the parents, they should unaddict thier children quick. After that is all done, the boys are playing soccer. Sharon is watching, telling Randy it's better for children to go outside.

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