Mr Garrison's 4th Grade Class

The 5th Grade Class

Mr. Garrison's 4th Grade Class is the main classroom the boys attend after the 3rd Grade. It encompasses most child characters, although there is likely another classroom as many characters do not appear in it.


  • Herbert Garrison: The main teacher for the 3rd Grade. He was promoted to a higher pay to work as the 4th grade teacher.
  • Mrs. O'Donnell: After Mr. Garrison was fired for something the boys did, Mrs. O'Donnell came as a substitute teacher. He was later to be revealed a serial killer in "An Evil Teacher".
  • Mr. Mackey: Substitute after Mr. Garrison was fired.
  • Mr. Slave: Mr. Garrison's teaching assistant From The Death Camp of Tolerance to sometime before South Park is Gay!
  • Mrs. Dreibel: Teaches art in hr own classroom during Toilet Paper
  • Richard Dawkins: Teaches evolutionary studies.
  • Mr. Adler: Teaches shop class.
  • Pearl: Teaches Home Ec.
  • Darius Prince: Teaches Physical Education.



Students in this section are seen in Mr. Garrison's fifth grade classroom in almost all episodes


Students in this section are seen in Mr. Garrison's fifth grade classroom but only in some episodes

In 5th Grade (but not in Mr. Garrisons Class)Edit

Students who have not been seen in Mr. Garrison's fourth/fifth grade class but are fifth graders.

Former studentsEdit

Students who used to appear, but have since vanished without explanation, moved away, moved school or died.

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