Coon and Friends episode
"Spider Clan Attack"
Episode no. Season 1

Episode 2

Production no. 102
Original airdate 2011
Episode chronology
←Previous Next →
"Leader's Death" "Clan Hideout Found"
Season 1


  1. Moving In
  2. Leader's Death
  3. Spider Clan Attack
  4. Clan Hideout Found
  5. Meet Scarface and Meet Your Death
  6. Struggles
  7. Mysterion's Back
  8. Super Scarface
  9. Strike Attack
  10. Rememberance Face
  11. All Out Attack


After Mysterions death, The Coon and Friends go and face the Spider Clan, Scarface's accomplices. They must destroy them.


At the hideout, The Black One and Silent Mania are pissed off. Darkfly to, but she is trying to forget about by hitting dummies in the training room. Silent Mania turns on the tele, where it talks about Spiders everywhere. The Black One is shocked. Gillian is seen screaming out, they all snap in a trance and go upstairs.

In the ground floor of the room, Darkfly is seen punching the ground, trying to kill spiders, while, The Black One is sliding to kill them, whereas Silent Mania is firing a laser. Darkfly is annoyed as there is too much of them. Silent Mania is seen running outside, Darkfly and The Black One clear. Silent Mania backflips, kicks, punches the air. It fires one big laser at the spiders. The group run outside and close the door.

Outside, large spiders are seen approaching them, The Black One tells Silent Mania to aim for the legs while him and Darkfly take them down. Silent Mania powers a laser blast at a spiders leg, falling it down. Darkfly is seen chanting Shoryuken while giving an uppercut to a spider. The Black One is seen rushing and punching the spiders. After the large spiders are taken down. The Black One is saying that they need to take them down where ever they came from.

At the Coon and Friends hideout, they are discussing what to make. Silent Mania writes that they should make a bulb that detects every enemy. Darkfly disagrees as they know what enmey. The Black One suggests they make a new invention thats an eye and you can use it to hear things and see things from a distance. Silent Mania writes on the paper that they call it the Eye 200. The Black One likes the idea, he tells them they should make it now. Darkfly tells them she'll stay behind, as she wants to train for it.

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