South Park: The Adventures of Gerald Cartman is a spin-off of South Park: A New Era and delves into the life of Jerry Cartman before he moves in with his family in South Park.It is explained that the reason Jerry is never shown with the other Cartman family members was the fact that he had been living in a foster home in the fictional Greylance,Kentucky.


There are four main characters in South Park:The Adventures of Gerald Cartman.Alan Ferrari;Carl Adkins;Jerry Cartman;and Hermano Gomez.Contrary to the name,the series does not focus on Jerry but all four of the boys and the residents of Greylance.


  • Alan Ferrari - Alan is the most levelheaded of the group,refusing to believe in ghost, demons, or whatever story the citizens of Greylance are gullible enough to believe. He is the unannounced leader of the group.
  • Hermano Gomez - The second-in-command so to speak, Hermano comes from a wealthy Spanish-Italian family although he tries to deny it. He is cautious and open-minded to the supernatural,unlike Alan.
  • Jerry Cartman - While Jerry is the "Eric Cartman of the group,"he isn't hated by the other guys in the group that badly,his racism is just looked down on.
  • Carl Adkins - a stammering and cowardly boy.Comedically,it would sometimes seem like he was killed,with Alan shouting,"Oh my God,they killed Carl,"and Hermano shouting,"You bastards,"but it turns out Carl managed to escape unharmed,a play on Kenny McCormick's deaths.
  • Alexander Graham Bell Greyson - Jerry's foster-father,who is as stupid as Randy Marsh.Most of the time,he is seen getting drunk and gambling,and losing money(with Alan asking Jerry,"Dude,isn't this the 18nth time your dad came home drunk and penniless?"and Jerry replying,"No,it's the 40th.")
  • Melissa Greyson - Alex's wife and Jerry's foster-mother.She is often seen cheating on her husband and Jerry just walking by,not paying any attention.

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