South Park: A New Era Wiki's website first opened on February 21, 2011 and is still running today. It was founded by EricCartmanTV and co-founded by MEGAKID III who is now the leader of the wiki.

Articles Over 530
Commercial? No
Type of site Infromation site
Created by EricCartmanTV
  • 21 February 2011 (USA)
  • 22 February 2011 (UK)
Currentstatus Active

A new desgin was completed on 10th July 2012 by MEGAKID III, read more here!

Admins of the wiki

  • EricCartmanTV (2011-2012)
  • MEGAKID III (2011-present)
  • Matrixpretty (2011-?)
  • MedicalAngel (2011)
  • Oogaman (2011-?)


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