South Park character
Sonny Jessica Daniels
Gender Female
Hair Brown
Birthday 8th July
Age 10
Job Student
Religion Roman Catholic
Voiced by April Stewart
First Hayley's New Group
Sonny Jessica Daniels is a South Park character and a student in South Park Elementary. She was made by Matrixpretty


Sonny is just like her boyfriend Juan Garcia who flips people off. Whenever Token, Cyle and Shane are in trouble they are always sitting down on chair kissing and when Mr.Mackey comes they both flip him off. Sonny is very good at surviving at the woods as she is seen in the woods along with Hayley.


Sonny wears a dark blue undershirt a pink coat , dark blue gloves and a green trouser. In the the Tenis Tournament she wore a tenis outfit.


Best Friendship with Hayley WealthEdit

Sonny and Hayley have a very good friendship together and when Georgia and Christine are doing something else they always get to places that they aren't supposed to be in. Hayley mentions that Sonny and her went to the red light district of South Park and beat the crap out of pimps with Tennis Bats.

Sonny and Hayley can argue with eachother sometimes because they were debating the strongest boys.

Friendship with Georgia RoffwellEdit

Sonny and Georgia's friendship isn't much explain but still exists. Sonny and Georgia are seen working together in class for the Halo project that Mr.Hanley put.

Friendship with Christine MillersEdit

Christine and Sonny are goods friends but they hardly ever interact with each other.

Relationship with Craig TuckerEdit

Sonny's relationship with Craig is kinda of strange because they are both prone to flipping people at the time.

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