South Park episode
"Shane & Kenny"
Shane Marks KennyMcCormick
Episode no. Season 2
Episode 9
Production no. 209
Original airdate None
Episode chronology
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"Ike's Choice" "Fan's of L.O.L"
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The boys are sick so Shane and Kenny begin to interact more


At the Marks house, Kenny is the only one who is seen entering his room. Kenny asks Shane why they didn't come. Shane tells Kenny they never had the spicy pizza. Shane looks at Kenny's IPod, Shane brings out his IPod. Shane asks Kenny if he wants to ever share music. Kenny says yes, Shane is seen smiling. On Shane's window a kid is on his window making a dramatic angry face. The kid leaves the window. Shane and Kenny are on facebook, Shane tells Kenny he has 60,000 friends on Facebook. Kenny says he has 60,000 friends on Facebook too. Amanda is seen entering Shane's room. She tells Shane if he's okay. Shane replies back, She leaves the room.

Shane and Kenny are seen walking to Andrew's house to see if he's better. At Andrew's house Shane and Kenny are wishing for Andrew to get better. Andrew thank Shane and Kenny for comming and hates the others now. Kenny tells Andrew the others are sick aswell, as they went to thier houses. Andrew then disregards what he said about the boys. Shane and Kenny give him a sweet and a IPod.

Shane and Kenny are seen aproached by the same kid on the window again. Shane calls him Carl. Kenny is confused Shane explains that Carl is enemy of his in England. Carl holds a gun at Shane's head, threating to kill him. Kenny quickly kicks Carl in the balls. The gun drops and Shane takes his gun and points it at Carl. He shoots him 7 times. Carl is seen dying. Kenny and Shane are seen jumping up and down the whole time.

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