South Park episode
"Our Band"
Episode no. Season Season 2
Episode 3
Guest stars None
Production no. 203
Original airdate No Need
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The boys start a band again.


The boys are at Shane's house playing music, Shane is on a guitar, Kyle is on the microphone, Stan is on the bass guitar, Eric is on the drums, Kenny is on the guitar and Andrew is on another guitar. Dan is watching as the boys play, a man is seen walking in the garage, Dan presses the garage gate to close it, the man tells him to stop. He tells Dan that the boys are playing good, Stan goes over to the man. They ask him for his name. The man's name is Fred Robert, he tells them he wants them to hire him for a band. They all sunddenly agree, they boys gets happy after having a dream come true. The boys are at the Male with thier instruments playing a song. All lot of people cheer for them, after the concert Fred talks to them. Fred tells the boys to come up with a name instead of, Annoying, Fat, Jew, Poor and Black. Eric complains that it should be Jew Sucks. Kyle argues with Eric, which leads to Shane calling it SP Upgraders. They all agree with this, Fred tells them to get to Pheonix, the boys are confused. Kenny finds this differrent. The boys leave the mall to go to Pheonix, they arrive at Pheonix seeing a pregant woman die of labour. On a note it tells the boys to get to New Jersey, to Alaska and to various places. The boys reach the last place which is Rusia where there is plants and bombs. Fred meets them there, Shane gets annoyed and quits, Stan and Eric agree as this is annoying. Kyle and Kenny tell them to stay as it is a great oppertunity to see the world. Shane tells them, the oppertuniny is dead. So Shane calls his father, who kills Fred. Kyle then says it's dead and Kenny goes along too. Dan then kills all the Russians making chemical weapons. When the boys gets home the parents are angry. The boys arrive at Shane's house, Sheila tells the boys that they're grounded for 4 days. Shane tells the parents that grounding isn't going to help us, we supported you and you never supported us for the band. The parents then unground them and the boys cheer.

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