[Bus Stop, Morning]
Kyle: [Noticing the empty spot] Where is Shane?
Eric: He's black, of course he's going to be late. [Laughing at his joke]
Stan: [worried] We don't want Shane to be late, so I suggest we go to his house.
Kenny: [annoyed] If we go, we'd be late aswell.
Andrew: [The bus comes driving in, Andrew notices it] Bus is comming. [They all enter the bus and see Shane]

Shane, why are you sitting next to Token?

Shane: Because, I've left you and don't want to talk to you.
Token: Stan go fuck off [Stan goes away and sits with Kyle]
Kyle: [Turns to Stan] So what happend?
Stan: Shane's left us. [Kyle is shocked]
[South Park Elementary Halls, Eric is seen putting his books into his locker]
Eric: [Looking at the girly locker next to him] Shane must be gay. [Closing the locker and Heidi runs in and opens Shane's locker] What are you doing in Shane's locker?
Heidi: [Excited] Shane allowed me to swap lockers with him. [Closing the locker and turning to Eric] This means we get to see each other more!
Eric: [Shocked]NOOO WAY! [Starts to run across the corridor] Why would he do that![Eric reaches Stan, Kyle, Kenny and Andrew who are closing there lockers] You guys!
Kyle: [Everyone turns to Eric] What?
Eric: Shane's desprately departing from us! He swapped lockers with Heidi!
Andrew: [Thinking and scracthing his head] I suggest we go ask Shane why he left us.
[5th Grade Class]
Mr.Hanely: [Calming the class down] There's going to be a new seating plan today.
Stan: [Gulping] This is bad.
Eric: [Annoyed] Seating plan?
Mr.Hanley: [pointing at the boys] Craig swap with Stan. Token swap with Kenny. Cylde swap with Kyle. And Shane swap with Stan. [The Boys and Craig's Gang get off their chairs and go to new seats]
[After School, Soccer Field, Craig's Gang are playing soccer]
Shane: [Looking at Cylde] Pass it! Over here! [Cylde lobs it over to Shane, who shoots, Token tries to save but doesn't work]

Damn![Throwing his gloves on the floor] [Cylde and Shane shake hands]

Andrew: [From outside the field watching] I feel sad, I don't have a challenge all I have is you suckers.
Kenny: [Looking at Andrew] Don't get yourself kicked out.[They all enter the field and Craigs Gang stop playing. Next, they all pull guns at Shane]
Shane: [Facepalm] You guys are so stupid.
Eric: [shouting] This is your last chance Blackie! Either join us and live or stay with them and die.
Shane: Look, I left you because you're all messed up, except Andrew. Stan you got into a fight because your girlfriend asked you to, stay out of thier love life, unless you're worried for them. Kyle, you still stupidly argue with Eric, if me being with you hasn't taught you to ignore him then why should I befriend you? You still make jokes at me even though I saved your life, What did I get for that. Kenny, you die too much, your parents like Meth, but when your taught something then talk to your parents about things, your a poor piece of crap that doesn't care about life except living. And finally Eric, I'm going to say the things I felt like saying, you are a total racist, facist, retarded bastard, I've ever met, you lead a Hitler cult to get Jews out of town you're worse than the rioters from England. What good deeds have you accomplished in yourlife? Nothing. If you want to accomplish something then go write in your flipping diary. Still, you guys piss me off even though I did things for you, without me you'd never be here. Stan, I stopped your dad making food. Kyle, I stopped you killing yourself. Kenny, I saved your life from Carl. Eric, I helped you search up your dad. Your lucky enough that I have Hayley with me. [Craig's Gang leaves the field]
Eric: [sighing] Oh well.
Kyle: I just noticed, this is Shane's show and this means we aren't the main characters no more.
Stan, Andrew, Kenny and Eric: [shouting] OH SHIT!
[End of No Shane, No Main Focus]

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