South Park character
Nelson D. Brown
Gender Male




Died November 15, 2006
Age 5 (Deceased)
  • Kindergarten Student
  • Hockey Team Player
Religion Roman Catholic
Voiced by Unknown
First Stanley's Cup
Last Test Results

Nelson Donald Brown was a minor character who had terminal cancer on the animated TV Show South Park.


Nelson had a pale complexion and matted hair due to his cancer. He often felt ill and weak and was confined to a hospital bed because of this. Ike replaced him on the pee-wee hockey team. He died at the end of "Stanley's Cup" as winning the Pee-wee hockey day was the only hope that kept him alive. His number on the Pee-wee hockey team was 13, the 'unlucky number.' His parents went to Stan to ask what to do, so they might not have a close relationship, or the might have been uncomfortable talking to their son about his impending death.


  • Nelson wanted to be the bestest basketball player when older, but died due to cancer on his files
  • Nelson's parents names are Donald and Nancy Brown

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