South Park character
Mrs. O'Donnell
Gender Female
Hair Black
Age 43 (deceased)
Job Teacher
Serial Killer (secret)
Origin American
First An Evil Teacher
Last An Evil Teacher

Mrs. O'Donnell is the brutal and strict substitute teacher in "An Evil Teacher." She is said to have expelled a student for missing only one answer on a test. She is later revealed to be a serial killer.

Role in "An Evil Teacher"Edit

In the first episode in season four entitled,"An Evil Teacher," she is so terrible that Cartman himself is afraid to mess with her and feigns illness in order to avoid her. The students try every way to get rid of her but all fail.

Jerry Cartman finally gets rid of her by contacting the Westboro Baptist Church and telling them all kinds of lies about her and they agree to kill her. When the police investigated her body, she is ironically later revealed to be a serial killer from Adams County.

Jerry keeps a photo of her in his room with a X covering her portrait, hinting he is exceptionally proud of how he got rid of her.

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