South Park character
Jimbo Kern
Gender male
Hair brown
Age 51
Job Hunter/Little League Umpire/ Gun Shop owner/ TV show host
Religion Roman Catholic
Origin American
Voiced by Matt Stone
First Weight Gain 4000

Jimbo W. Kern, voiced by Matt Stone, is a character in the series South Park. He is the uncle of Stan Marsh. Coincidentally, there are two characters named Jimbo and Kearney on 'The Simpsons', a show that South Park has parodied and lampooned several times..


He wears an orange hat, orange shirt, green vest, and brown trousers. Underneath his hat, he is nearly bald, but what little hair he has is shown to be light brown. He is overweight, and has a double chin. His jawline is very broad and square.

Jimbo was given a completely updated look in the episode "Night of the Living Homeless", his jacket was shaded around the edges of the pockets and looked much better than it did before.

In the episode "South Park Is Gay!" Jimbo shaved his head. It's hard to tell if his hair grew back in season eight onwards.

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