Jenny is the fourth episode of CAF season 8

Coon and Friends episode

Jenny being hunted down by the FBI

Episode no. Season 8

Episode 4

Production no. 0804
Original airdate July 15, 2011
Episode chronology
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"The Nearly People " "Escape to Utah "
Season 8

July 1 – October 9, 2011

  1. The Ballad of Coon and Friends
  2. The Journey Go's On
  3. The Nearly People
  4. Jenny
  5. Escape to Utah
  6. The Battle
  7. Ash and Blood
  8. The Call to Flordia
  9. The Impossible Little Girl
  10. Stuck on the Bus
  11. Mysterion's Wife


A girl has ran out of juvey and went off into northen Teaxs. She is hunted down by the FBI. But Coon and Friends must find her in a large state, Utah.


Jenny is first seen running out of prision, the lights try and spot her as she climbs the wall of the jail, she runs as fast as she cans, 2 day later, Mysterion, The Black One and Human Kite are looking at the Coon-Vision, the headline is 'GIRL RUNS OUT OF JAIL'. The police call the FBI as Jenny runs into New Mexico. She hides for a night and the next morning, she wakes up and runs into Utah.

In the Coon and Friends lair, Mysterion phones Emily, she said that she wasn't feeling well today. Mysterion and The Black One run in the Coon and Friends Mobile, it is like a caravan, but smaller a bit.

While in Utah, Jenny runs to the Valley of the Gods when the FBI finds her, she falls from the cliff, and down on to anthor platform area (seen on photo). Coon and Friends are on a Thomas Cook arline to go to Salt Lake City Airport, they land and start to find Jenny.

3 hours after driving in a taxi, they arrive at Valley of the Gods, it is dark time, Jenny is hiding but they can't find her, but after a second or show, she appears and the FBI are behind Coon and Friends. She has a gun, she accedintly shoots Human Kite instead of the FBI agent.

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