South Park character
Jean Clifford
Gender Female
Hair Red
Birthday June 6 on A Saturday
Age 13
Job Student, Worldwide Assassain
Religion Satanism and Athieism
Origin Italian-American
Voiced by Jean Clifford Ptakey
First Cartman Gets An Anal Probe

Jean is a South Park character created in 1997 by Eric Stough. Once named Powder then South Park: 5GM creator named her Jean. Jean has gone to jail and created her own army.

Crime HistoryEdit

Jean has gone to jail twice both for twenty days, for attempted murder of Trent Boyett and Lola, They second time was for brutally murdering Kenny McCormick.

Stan Marsh's DreamEdit

Stan has dreamt about Eric Cartman managing Jean and Christophe. Murdering about 150 people. Including Kyle, Lola, and Francis.


In the episode These Jeans, Jean can speak Russian and Arabic. But in FUCK OUT. FUCK OUT., Jean speaks Italian.

The MoleEdit

In FUCK OUT. FUCK OUT, Jean french kisses Christophe, possibly making them in a relationship



Jean had a blue jacket and blue pants.


Jean has a light green jacket with blue pants with a 1960s hair flip.


  • Though Jean was born in 2002, She was boen on June 6, the sixth month on the sixth day, And Saturday is the sixth day of the week. So that would make 666.

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