South Park episode
"Jade Marks"
Episode no. Season 3
Episode 5
Production no. 305
Original airdate
Episode chronology
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"Dan Marks: A CIA Assassin" "Mass Revenge"
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Jade Marks is the 3rd episode of Season 3 in South Park: Shane's Journey and 37th Episode overall


After being kidnapped in England, Jade finally gets to South Park and reunites with her parents. Shane finally knows he has a big sister. But after his parents treating Jade much better, Shane get jelous and even leaves.


In the Marks house Shane is sitting down on table eating some cereal. The doorbell rings and Amanda heads to the door, she opens it and sees Jade. Amanda is happy with joy that she saw her daughter. Jade hugs her mother, Dan is comming downstairs and hugs Jade. Dan calls Shane out. Shane walks to her parents and Jade. Shane is confused, Jade goes Shane and tells him they need to catch up, Jade throws Shane and catches him, Shane starts laughing.

The next day, Shane and Jade are eating, Shane asks why he has a smaller piece of egg and bacon. Dan tells him since Jade hasn't seen them they should give her a bigger piece. Shane didn't like the sound of this, but got along with it. Shane had went to his room and then reliased his IPod had gone missing. Shane went to Jade's room and saw Amanda giving Jade his IPod. Shane got angry, because he earned that through hard work. Amanda tells him that Jade needs it more.

In the night in Shane's room, he starts to have nightmares that Jade might be taking his place. Shane wakes up from the dream and then takes a bag of sweets, comics, clothes and sends a note to Stan and Kyle only.

In that morning, Jade comes downstairs realising Shane is missing. In Stan and Kyle's house they read a note that Shane is going back to Britan. Stan and Kyle head to Shane's house to say the news.

In the airport Shane is seen waiting on the chair, his family and Stan and Kyle come. They tell him that brothers and sisters are the best team, so Shane hugs his sister and takes his IPod back.

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