South Park character
Jade Marks
Gender Female
Hair Black
Birthday 4th May
Age 15
Job Student
Religion Christian
Voiced by April Stewart
First Jade Marks

Jade Marks is the the sister of Shane Marks and attends Middle Park.


Jade has black hair that is usually seen going on one side she turns. A green shirt that she wears to school carrying books.She black trousers and black shoes.

Personality and LifeEdit

Jade is appearantly a comedian, she makes people laugh everyday. She once made The Parents all laugh her joke

In England, Jade was kidnapped after an hour Shane was born, she had never met her little brother. Jade has escaped the kidnappers by telling them she had hepatitis. She than ran back to home, no one was in the house. There was a note on the door for Jade that says they've moved to South Park. So Jade had to work all lot to get to US. She even stared in "Live at the Appolo".


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