South Park character
Jacob Sands
Gender Male
Hair Green
Birthday September 15
Died 26 January 2012
Age 10 (deceased)
Job Student
Religion Christian
Origin Scottish
Voiced by Matt Stone
First The Impossible Mask
Last The Portal (2012)

Jacob Sands is the first companion to help The Dark One, he appears in Season One of The Adventures of the Dark One

Early life

He was born in the highlands of Scotland, his family moved to Palm Beach City in 2006, Jacob was only one years old, Jacob is Scottish and his sister is scottish, also his older brother, Jack Sands

Meeting the Dark One

Jacob met the Dark One when he was board walking because his sister and his brother were moaning at him, at the park looking at the sea, Jacob sees The Dark One lying down looking at the sea quietly and peacefully. Jacob screams and The Dark One turns around, Jacob replies "Sorry!"


Jacob bumped into a biker gang which inculded Valon. He was kidnapped to his lair in the city. The Dark One saved him and was the second time he seen the Dark One. Jacob was helded with the Masks, he was scared because they had guns. But Jacob seen Valon shoot the Dark One. ("The Impossible Mask")

Jacob wanted to join the Dark One with his adventures. The Dark One let him, Valon later told him not to tell anyone about the death of the Dark One. But one of his powers was "never die". Jacob was back to Valon's lair where the Coon stole of Valon's stuff, the Coon said to Valon, "Wow, your goggles, I'm wearing them to school" Jacob punched the Coon while the Dark One got Valon. ("The Portal'")


Jacob died on 26 January 2012 by a portal where he got sucked in. The rest of his family died with him. So there is going to be no return of Jacob.

Companion list

Preceded by


Jacob Sands (2012) Succeeded by

Valon Menours

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