iCartman is a YouTube series created by Jerry and Eric Cartman. Their main purpose of making this webshow in the first place was to make "1 million dollars". Of course, Cartman didn't realize that you can't make that much money from Youtube. They were a rival of the other popular youtube webshow Josh.0.


iCartman shows Jerry and Cartman, trying to be funny be instead, insulting each other back and forth until it eventually turned into a fist fight. This is what make their show popular in the first place. The rest of the time on the show, Cartman uses his time to lecture about how much Jews ruin society. People found this funny because they did't realize that he was being serious.


  • iCartman is the South Park parody of the Nickelodeon show iCarly.
  • Butters managed all the camera work, showing he knows how to work high tech equipment.

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