South Park episode
"How's Ike, I mean Peter?"
Ike 2
Episode no. Season 3
Episode 3
Production no. 303
Original airdate
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"A Vicky Party" "Dan Marks: A CIA Assassin"
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Peter(Ike) is living with his 1 brother and 2 sisters in Canada. Ike is filming this.


At the Broflovski house, Kyle is seen getting mail, he opens it and there is a video from Ike and a letter. Kyle reads the letter and it says "Here is my video from the last two months, tell mommy happy birthday". Kyle smiles at this and plays the video. Moments later the boys rush in. Shane asks why he is so happy. They all sit down watching the video.

In the Video the camera is placed at the table in Canada. Ike is seen talking to his siblings. The video is paused. Ike introdouces a girl who is slightly older than him, who is called Catherine, then an older one who is called Danielle and Ike's older brother who is called Troy.

Ike's mother is seen going downstairs and tells them to walk to school. Outside, Ike and siblings walk to school without taking a bus, after reaching the school they are in Ontario Elementary School. Ike closes the camera.

Cartman leaves the house because he finds it boring. Kenny and Andrew follow him. Kyle is pissed off that Kenny, Andrew and Cartman aren't his true friends. Shane says he's needs to go toilet so he heads out the bathroom window. Stan busts out the door and runs away.

After the film has finished, Ike tells Kyle that make sure that the boys aren't watching this, they will hate him. Kyle is shocked.

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