South Park character
Hayley Wealth
Hayley Wealth
Gender Female
Hair Black
Birthday 5th May
Age 9
Job Student
Religion Christian
Voiced by April Stewart
First Hurdle Jump
Hayley Wealth is a character in South Park


Hayley wears the typical South Park clothes. She wears a light purple sweater and blue gloves. She is black like Shane.


Hayley is a tomboy, she has boy personalities. She is known to like Terrance and Phillip, because she brang a packed lunch of it to school. When the girls tried going to rip on her, she spat on them. The girls tend to hate her sometimes.


Frienship with Bebe StevensEdit

Bebe thinks that Hayley is funny, they even allowed her to make a list. But she declined, also she thinks that she is great at Tennis because she beat her at Tennis before. They often talk, when Hayley was getting bullied Bebe, Wendy and Red went to help her as she hated it.

Best Friendship with RebbecaEdit

Red and Hayley are seen sitting next to each other in the 5th Grade Class. On school trips they like to share lunch with each other. Hayley respects Red for dating Rodrigo as he is nice. Red is usually seen hugging Hayley all lot of times.

Friendship/Conflict with Wendy TestaburgerEdit

In some episodes Wendy and Hayley are seen fighting, Hayley calls them foolish for what they done. As Karma evolved Wendy was forced to say sorry to Hayley. Hayley forgived her.



Hayley plays Tenis all lot of times, she had beat Bebe at Tenis one time, she had won the NAKTT Championship, as she won she mentioned her friends names.

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