South Park episode
"Hanky's Little Helpers"
Shane Marks
Episode no. Season 4
Episode 2
Production no. 405
Original airdate
Episode chronology
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"The Big Break Up" "The Thanksgiving Problem"
South Park - Season 3
  1. The Big Break Up
  2. Hanky's Little Helpers
  3. The Thanksgiving Problem
  4. An Epic Show
  5. No Shane, No Main Focus
  6. Stop Breaking Walls
  7. Hayley's New Group
  8. May the Best Gunman Win
  9. The Can't Be Screwed Shane
  10. Insult Fight
  11. Doubles Tenis Competition
  12. Cylde, The Jelous, Shane, The Defuser
  13. Ban on Creativity
  14. Street Racer
  15. The Attack on Gypsy Weddings

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Hanky's Little Helpers, is an episode of South Park: Shane's Journey. It is 2nd episode of the 4th season and is the 50th episode overall!


Hanky organises a competetion to be Hanky's Little Helpers. The boys compete against each other to be his helper but neither of them become a Helper.


At the streets of South Park, the boys except Eric are stand outside the game shop. Shane mentions when is Eric leaving the shop. Kyle answers that he'll be in there for long. Then Stay interjects and says that he'll be there for more than two years. Kenny gets annoyed at Eric and starts to walk in the shop until Eric comes out and shouts "YOU GUYS" 3 times. The boys walk in the shop to see a poster of Hanky's Little Helpers Competition. Andrew asks that what is important of it. Eric reads that Winners get to have their entire life with Hanky. Stan agrees, next Kenny agrees, Shane agrees, Andrew agrees. Kyle agrees and tells them why Hanky wouldn't chose his closest friends who helped him in every situation.

At the North Pole, the boys see Hanky and Shane says that he is ready to compete. Hanky wishes them good luck. Then the boys go to the hall and see loads of little kids. Stan wonders why there is little kids. Kyle says that may the best man win. Hanky starts the competetion and tells the boys to be able to work his poo cho train. Shane quickly gets his gloves and starts to fix the train. Eric destroys Shanes train. Then Andrew destroys Eric's. Stan destroys Andrew's. All the boys destroy each others train.

Next round, Hanky asks them to see how they cope on the sleigh. Stan calls this easy because they've already been on a sleigh already. Shane says he's very good at airel stuff. The boys climb on the sleigh and Hanky calls it. Hanky asks Stan to drive the sleigh, then while Stan is driving the sleigh, Kenny pushes him off and he falls in to a tree. Kyle drives the sleigh and then Eric farts and the sleigh crashes into Osama Bin Laden's Wife, killing her.

At the North Pole, Hanky annouces that the winners are Gully Gang a group 4 little kids come to the stand. The boys all rush to Hanky and then Andrew asks him why they didn't become helpers. Hanky says that it's the Hanky's Little Helpers Competetion not the Hanky Big Helper Competetion. Hankey also mention he made it because it's a team game and his old helper were getting bigger and he doesn't want to waste their lives. Kyle tells Hanky to fuck off and leaves. So does everyone leaves.

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