Coon and Friends episode
"Full Coon and Friends"
Episode no. Season 2

Episode 11

Production no. 211
Original airdate 2012
Episode chronology
←Previous Next →
"Back to the Present" "Move to Berlin"
Season 2


  1. Eric Da Douche
  2. Tommy Appears
  3. The Coon is Back
  4. Time Machine
  5. To The Past
  6. Friends to the Past
  7. Army of Chaos
  8. Traitors
  9. Apoligies to Eric
  10. Back to the Present
  11. Full Coon and Friends
  12. Move to Berlin

Full Coon and Friends is an episode of Coon and Friends Timeline, it is 11th episode of the 2nd season. It is made and written by Matrixpretty


After the gettning to the present and healing The Coon, Mysterion fears that South Park will be attacked while they are gone to Berlin. The Coon and Friends must asseble the Full Team back together so they can leave.


The Coon has woken up and is on his bed. Liane comes into the room with a tray with tea and biscuits. Liane asks him if he's alright. The Coon notices that he didn't die and then feels so weird.

At the Basketball Court, Stan and Kyle are playing basketball. Stan passes the ball Kyle who throws the ball into the hoop and scores. Mysterion comes to them and then Stan and Kyle are annoyed. Mysterion tells them that he knows they are angry and shouldn't be that angry at him, they should be there for him, supporting him knowing that he is saving their lives. Mysterion asks if they could join the Coon and Friends. Stan and Kyle agree.

With Silent Mania and The Dark One they see Token and Jeffery playing, The Dark One asks them to join and Token gets his suit out while Jeffery gets his Captain Nerro suit.

With Darkfly, she is with Timmy, Bradley and Cameron. Darkfly asks them to join and they all agree with her and then get thier costumes and head to Andrew's Basement.

In the Coon and Friends Hideout, the full team is at South Park along with the Coon. Mysterion sets out a speech that they have to protect South Park when there gone. And then Bradley interjects that they don't have powers. Darkfly gets annoyed at this. But then Tommy McCormick says that he can give them powers. Tommy gives them powers and then he leaves.

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