Coon and Friends episode
"Escape to Utah"

Snapshot 20110717 2

The Black One away to kill a man back in Salt Lake City

Episode no. Season 8

Episode 5

Production no. 0805
Original airdate July 20, 2011
Episode chronology
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"Jenny " "The Coon and the Idiots'"
Season 8

July 1 – October 9, 2011

  1. The Ballad of Coon and Friends
  2. The Journey Go's On
  3. The Nearly People
  4. Jenny
  5. Escape to Utah
  6. The Battle
  7. Ash and Blood
  8. The Call to Flordia
  9. The Impossible Little Girl
  10. Stuck on the Bus
  11. Mysterion's Wife

Escape to Utah is the fifth episode of Coon and Friends Season 8.


Jenny is going all over Utah, but will Coon and Friends find her, they must find hidden clues.


After she shoots, Jenny runs in the desert near Valley of the Gods and Mysterion runs, Darkfly is feeling better and she runs into the den, she sees a note saying:

Darkfly if you are reading this, Me and the rest of Coon and Friends are in Utah, trying to find my lost sister who escaped 8 years ago, come to Utah when your better. Love you, Mysterion

Then a girl appears, she takes it out of Darkfly, Darkfly goes I was reading that! the girl says I'm Vicky, Vicky Smith, she trips Darkfly, and she said That was your last warning! Vicky then replies Oh yeah! Your the best anybodys got to offer then god help you, Darkfly then says in a grin I'm American! then punches Vicky knocked out.

Meanwhile, Jenny gives up running, Mysterion and the Black One get to her in time, Jenny is sent back to prision for shooing people. The Black One goes to Salt Lake City to find a guy (on picture in infobox). He shoots him. The Black One then returns

Darkfly then arrives, so what happend today folks, they all laugh. Vicky then sees them, the quotes to the FBI, get the girl and that boy and, ohhhh ohhhh, The Black One, they run but there too late.

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