South Park episode
"Eric Comedy"
Shane Marks
Episode no. Season 3
Episode 10
Production no. 310
Original airdate
Episode chronology
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"I Think She's Got It" "Bebe's Nuts For Bridon"
South Park - Season 3
  1. Wendy's Other Fight
  2. A Vicky Party
  3. How's Ike, I mean Peter?
  4. Dan Marks: A CIA Assassin
  5. Jade Marks
  6. Mass Revenge
  7. Afraid of Failing
  8. File A Complaint
  9. I Think She's Got It
  10. Eric Comedy
  11. Bebe's Nuts For Bridon
  12. I Kick, You Scream
  13. Terrance and Phillip: Medal Farts
  14. Eric and The Chocolate Factory
  15. New Chat

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Eric Comedy is 10th episode of the 3rd Season and the 52nd episode overall.


Eric makes a joke about English and Scotish and everyone laughs and Eric become a comedian. After being sick of being a laughing stock in school Shane and Andrew go to take him down a peg.


At South Park Elementary, everyone is seen crowding, Shane and Andrew walk to crowd and see Eric telling jokes. He looks at Shane and Andrew. Eric shouts out "Here comes the British, they're gonna attack!" Everyone in the crowd laughs, Andrew and Shane are annoyed. Eric calls himself a comedian after that.

At Stan House, Stan and Eric are in the basement. Stan tells Eric, if he's going to be a comedian, Stan will be his manager, Eric agrees and will give him 10% of the money he earns, Stan smiles at this here as he needs money for a toy robot.

At Shane's back garden, Shane and Andrew are pissed at Eric because they are now being laughed at in school. Andrew tells Shane they should hatch a plan to destroy the studio. Andrew disagrees as no one should die in his next gig. Shane tells Andrew that they should get a shadow of Justin Bieber which will make Eric follow the shadow into a closet and he'd get locked in.

At South Park Theatre, people are sitting down waiting for Eric's gig, Liane is sitting next to a woman saying that Eric is her son. At the dressing room, Eric comes outside and starts telling jokes, Eric tells a joke about what economy is doing, everyone starts laughing. A saw is then hatching a stage around Eric and then RASH in Delight come to stage playing a song called "Retarded Fat Guy" Whic Eric starts getting pissed off at. Shane then starts to a solo and then gives a bashing middle finger to Eric. Andrew is seen beating Eric up from below.

At the Lunch Hall, Shane is sitting down on the table where the 4th Graders, including Bridon think Shane is cool.

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