South Park character
Gender Male
Hair Blonde
Birthday 7th April
Age 10
Job Student
Religion Christian
Voiced by Matt Stone
Duncan Loid is a character in South Park.


Duncan wears a camo shirt, because his dad is army specialist, and black trousers. Everyone who questions what he wears ends up being beaten up.


Duncan is the toughest in the school, even tougher than Trent Boyet, whom he beated up to rescue Red. He even gave swirle to Stan, who hated it.

Friendship with Shane MarksEdit

Shane and Duncan both have a soft side to each other. Shane had given helped him run to a hideout in Denver. Shane and Duncan both puke all lot when something nasty happens.

Friendship with Rodrigo BarleréEdit

Rodrigo became friends with Duncan of how tough he was, he also liked how he could bully others. Rodrigo and Duncan teamed up together to rescue Red and beat up Trent Boyyet. Duncan is also over-protective to Rodrigo, because when Stan came up to him, Duncan blocked him.

Friendship with Andy NelsonEdit

This friendship usually persuades Duncan to beat up Trent or anyone else. Duncan and Andy made a high five to mock Bebe.

Conflict with Trent BoyettEdit

Trent Boyet and Duncan are both enemies. Duncan was persuaded to beat him up, by Andy, allowing Rodrigo to rescue Red. Duncan would also keep on beating up Trent everytime he saw him.

Conflict with The GirlsEdit

All the girls avoid Duncan because of how strong he is. He even beat up Bebe, the only girl who doesn't avoid him is Hayley Wealth. The girls always hate him, when Wendy told Duncan he can't hit girls, he put his middle finger up and called her a sexist.



Andrew, Kyle, Kenny, Eric and Stan hate him because of how strong he is, but then respect him, because he beat up Trent Boyet. Because of that strength the girls tend to avoid him because of how strong he is. Duncan had beat up Bebe, Wendy told him boys don't hit girls Duncan walks off putting his middle finger up calling her a sexist.

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