The 8th season of Coon and Friends was released on Friday, July 1 and the Autumn session Monday, October 3 until Sunday, October 9, 2011


SUMMER 2011Edit

Episode Number Title Writer Notes Dates
1 & 2

Pt. 1: The Ballad of Coon and Friends

Pt. 2: The Journey Go's On

PC Inc
  • The Return of the Frog King
  • The Little girl reappears in flashback

Pt. 1: 1 July 2011

Pt. 2: 5 July 2011

3 The Nearly People PC Inc
  • The Reappearance of the Little Girl
  • The Reappearance of the Masks
  • Darkfly joins CAF
10th July 2011
4 & 5 PC Inc
  • Jenny reappears
  • This will be the first time in Teaxs
  • This will also be the first time in Utah
  • Return of the Little Girl
  • Episode was going to be called Escape to Utah

Pt. 1: 15th July 2011

Pt. 2: 18th July 2011

6 The Battle PC Inc
  • Return of Little Girl
25th July 2011

Ash and Blood

PC Inc
  • Little Girl appears
  • Agnus's first and last debut, Gillian's grandma
  • Vicky Smith reappears
30th July 2011

AUTUMN 2011Edit

Series 8 has been planned for Winter 2011, these are the confirmed storys for the session

Episode Number Title Writer Notes Dates
1 & 2

Pt. 1: The Call to Flordia

Pt. 2: The Impossible Little Girl

PC Inc
  • The Little Girl appears
  • Abigail re-borns
  • Mutants appear
  • Vicky's astronauts return
  • In the episode it is the Black One's 12th birthday
  • A golden jewel appears
  • Darkfly gets in a spacesuit

Pt. 1: 3 October 2011

Pt. 2: 4 October 2011

3 Stuck on the Bus PC Inc
  • The Reappearance of the Gingers
5 October 2011
4 Mystrion's Wife PC Inc
  • First Appearance of Mysteria
  • Mysteria joins
6 October 2011

The Day We Remember

PC Inc
  • The Cult returns
  • Mysteria dies

7 October 2011


Pt. 1: Who is the Black One

Pt. 2: A Hero Goes To War

PC Inc
  • Return of Vicky Smith, The Coon, Astronauts, Little Girl, Frog King, Gillian Batchelor, Stuart Batchelor, Ross Batchelor, El Chico Nergo, Human Kite, Mysterion, Darkfly, Toolshed, Mint Berry Crunch, TepperWear, Randy Marsh, Sharan Marsh, Shelly Marsh and Red Russian Robot
  • First appearance of Vicky Smith's parents
8 October 2011
7 The Trap That No One Knew PC Inc
  • Mysterion, The Black One, Darkfly are trapped
  • The Black One is missing at the end
9 October 2011


  • Vicky Smith will return
  • In, , one of the members will face a deadly enemy
  • In all 11 episodes, one of the members will die
  • The Blue One voicer will not be in, due to her Gran's stomach cancer
  • One story will be a monster bus episode
  • The Black One will appear as a just born baby
  • Mint-Berry Crunch will leave to find his birth parents
  • In The Impossible Little Girl, Jenny McCormick returns
  • The Space Part had been renamed to The Impossible Little Girl
  • Doctor V, a new enemy will appear in episode 1
  • Andrew Jr. will appear in episode 4+5
  • Autumn has been moved to Summer

Coon and Friends: Season 8 (2011)Edit