At one stormy night , eric cartman was looking at outside sadly because he's get sold by Kyle because Eric played painball gun at kyle's house yesterday . Then he get a mail from his mail box .

the letter said :

dear eric cartman aka the coon

i have already know you did some cool things like make friend with Cthulhu, or ........ Whatever . I what to say you and Professor Chao ( butter ) can go and join the army of tough evil .

Wait for a train which is come at 12:00 AM

Jim Aka the yellow river

Eric after see the letter , first he call butter then he dress as the coon and wait for the train .

That's the story begin . And have three part

  1. Be one of the commander
  2. defence defence the tower from CAF (coon and friend)
  3. The war just getting start ! lol

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