City Wok is Bankrupt is the tenth episode of season eight of South Park:A New Era.


After City Wok goes bankrupt,Cartman and Jerry make a bet with Kyle and Andrew.Another bankrupt restaurant,El Enchilada(the owners are the deceased Pedro Garcia's parents.)is on the brink of shutting down.Soon,these two restaurants will go head to head.


After a fire,City Wok goes bankrupt and is about to close but Cartman and Jerry angrily protest(because of their love for Chinese food.)Kyle and Andrew hear how Pedro Garcia's parents,who are still in mourning,are about to close their restaurant.

After hearing Jerry and Cartman rant about the poor quality of food in South Park,Kyle and Andrew call them insensitive because there's more important things then Chinese food.The four get into a fight and make a bet.While Kyle and Andrew will help El Enchilada,Jerry and Cartman will aid City Wok.The restaurant that recieves the most business in a week will be declared winner and the losers will have to be the winner's slaves for a week.

At first,Lu Kim is reluctant to accept Eric and Jerry but Jerry tells him(in Chinese.)that both he and Lu Kim,"come from very superior cultures."and that both are "very proud people."Lu Kim agrees.Pedro's parents optimistically agree.

The following week is a brutal campaign(and is done as a parody of war films.)but ends when Kyle and Andrew reveal Lu Kim is a white guy who suffers from multiple personality disorder.El Enchilada becomes a booming business and Jerry and Cartman sigh when realizing they must be Andrew and Kyle's slave for a week.

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