A little time off!!!

    September 11, 2012 by MEGAKID III

    Hello everyone, I will be having a break from A New Era Wiki for a little while, Infromation is put down below:

    • DATE OF BREAK: 11 September 2012 - 2 March 2013
    • DATE OF EDITING AGAIN: 2 March 2013

    See you in 6 months time :), MEGAKID III!

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  • Cuchulainn's Spear

    It has come to my intention that there is a site( you can create your own campaign,journal,all that stuff.I was thinking of making a campaign based on EricCartmantv's Colorado's Last Stand fanfic.

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    Superhero contest

    December 7, 2011 by MEGAKID III

    Hello can you desgin a superhero for me, here are the instructions

    1. Create your own Superhero (SP-Studio or SouthParkStudios)
    2. Post your superhero on my talk page
    3. Send them in no later than December 20, 2011 and the winner's superhero will go on my Fanon series CAF

    Thank you, MEGAKID III

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    Darkfly will return!

    November 23, 2011 by MEGAKID III

    Darkfly, one of our superheroes on CAF leaves tonight, but don't worry, she will return stated by ITC Network:

    "In series 12, Darkfly leaves CAF, don't worry she will return in the Series 12 finale and full 13" - ITC Network

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  • LThomson

    just a question...

    November 19, 2011 by LThomson

    Are we allowed to come up with our own series and make a page for it?

    I have ideas and want to know if I can make a page for it.

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    We found out last night that the boy who first appeard in Welcome Andrew is an alien, well a Fleshkind like from Sarah Jane Adventures. Andrew will not leave the boys forever, there will be one more South Park: A New Era season 8 episode before the Children in Need episode Drift of Sky. The episode will be called Life on Pershia 9. The synopsis follows:

    Andrew returns to his home planet while back in South Park, Stan, Kyle, Cartman and Kenny don't know what to do because Andrew is gone but he also hears about a death...

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    CAF S8P2 new more spoilers

    • The Black One/Andrew is immortal like Kenny
    • Mysterion dies
    • The Black One dies... and
    • ...they come back to live
    • Slient Mania dies
    • Darkfly is attacked and kidnapped
    • The Full Team re-inite
    • A new girl who join
    • Axel will join the team....
    • they are both assosiouts
    • A really really old enemy returns
    • South Park is doomed!
    • Kenny/Mysterion dies a second time
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    Season 8 Part 2 spoilers have been anncoued:

    • The 2nd and last episode has Darkfly trapped in the spacesuit
    • The Black One returns with an old enemy
    • Darkfly (spacesuit) is sent to kill Mysterion
    • Mysterion dies somehow... -_-
    • Darkfly is not in the spacesuit in episodes 9-11
    • The Black One is captured by Darkfly

    1 more BIG spoiler about Part 2

    • The series is focusing on Darkfly
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  • Paradise Paradox

    I CBA to do this, After the first 15 episodes of The Misadventures of Shane and Andrew. Then I'm doing a fanfic of something else.

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  • Coke457

    Test Blog Post

    August 18, 2011 by Coke457

    Hello! This is just a test. I am testing to see if I will get a reward by making a blog post. I dont think I am gonna be making to much blog posts after this one though. Maybe if I decide to leave the wiki or something I will post a goodbye here.

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