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Baahir Hassan Abdul Hakeem

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South Park character
SPW pic -- Baahir1
Baahir Hakeem
Gender male
Hair black
Age 8
Job Student
Religion Muslim
Origin Middle East
Voiced by Matt Stone
First The Snuke
Last The Snuke

Baahir Hassan Abdul Hakeem is a character in South Park.


Baahir is a Muslim student who went to South Park Elementary. When he first came to South Park, Cartman immediately suspected him of terrorism, and went as far as asking Mr. Garrison to check him for bombs.It turned out that Baahir wasn't a terrorist, although Cartman's bigoted behavior towards him contributed to saving America from a real terriorist attack which was going underway at the time.


  • Even though Baahir's surname is Hakeem, when Kyle reads his myspace page, it lists him as Baahir "Habeem".
  • Baahir's Myspace page lists him as 8 years old, despite Myspace prohibits account registration for people under 14 years old.

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