Ash and Blood is the seventh episode and the last episode from the first part of Coon and Friends season 8

Coon and Friends episode
"Ash and Blood


Andrew's break of fighting so far

Episode no. Season 8

Episode 7

Production no. 0807
Original airdate July 30, 2011
Episode chronology
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"The Battle " "Mayday'" (film)
Season 8

July 1 – October 9, 2011

  1. The Ballad of Coon and Friends
  2. The Journey Go's On
  3. The Nearly People
  4. Jenny
  5. Escape to Utah
  6. The Battle
  7. Ash and Blood
  8. The Call to Flordia
  9. The Impossible Little Girl
  10. Stuck on the Bus
  11. Mysterion's Wife


After The Black One's great grandma dies, she has got something to tell him.


In Denver, Andrew's great gradma awaits in hospital. The Black One and Darkfly are there, great grandma says There is someone else, rising threw the dark, a girl in a spacesuit waits in a lake The Black One says to his great grandma Who is she? From grandma Your future wife!. She then dies, Darkfly hugs The Black One, 1 week later, it's her furneal.

2 months later, August 2011. The Black One is hunting down a base in Flordia, a spacesuit is on the ground, he walks past it and the spacesuit grabs his foot, The Black One runs as fast as he can and then he reaches a wall with no escape. The astronaut appears and it opens it's visior, and Molly McCormick appears, she is after him as later, he gets a gun and shoots a wooden door.

Meanwhile, Mysterion awakes in the same Flordia base, but he is killed by the astronaut, For a while, The Black One runs as fast as he can.

Darkfly then gets a call from Barack Obama, he says

Darkfly, we are depending on you and The Black One to fight a little girl trapped in a spacesuit, we need your help again, thank you

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