After Deflect is the first episode of the 2011 series of S.P.A.N.E.

South Park episode
"After Deflect"
Episode no. Season 6 (continued)
Episode 1
Original airdate October 10, 2011
Episode chronology
Previous Next
"A Brown's Death" "Earthily Idiot"
List of all South Park episodes


To celebrate Stan's leaving from South Park, Andrew is hosting a party at his house, Andrew is sad that Stan has to leave South Park because one of his uncles has a job in Salt Lake City in Utah

Shane then comes to the party. He is seen giving Stan presents for his leaving, the next day at South Park Elementray, Stan is telling Wendy to come with him, and Wendy tells him that my Auntie's cousin works there, Jack Fango.

A new boy called Martin appears in the 6th grade and he heads towards the seat next to Andrew and he says Hi, meanwhile in 5th grade, there is a girl called Jilly. Later, Stan invites Andrew to a sleepover at Stan's house, because Ross would beat him up.

After the sleepover, Andrew helps Stan pack for tomorrow, once he is all packed he is officialy packed. The next day he heads off leaving the boys happy.


  • Shane's first appearance in SPANE
  • Andrew shows his Basketball moves again (Astro Boy, A Day Aboard Life and Death, Holiday)
  • Last appearance of Stan Marsh

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