South Park episode
"Afraid of Failing"
Shane Marks
Episode no. Season 3
Episode 7
Production no. 307
Original airdate
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"Mass Revenge" "File A Complaint"
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Afraid of Failing is the 7th episode of the 3rd season in South Park: Shane's Journey and the 38th episode overall.


Kenny is failing English badly and if he doesn't get above an C- then he will get a month of detetions and homework. So the boys help him.


At South Park Elementary, inside the 5th Grade classroom, the kids are learing about metaphors. Mr.Hanley tells them to write what a metaphor is. The class writes it down, but Kenny draws boobs. Mr.Hanley checks Kenny's work and tears it up. He tells him he shouldn't be doing that. Kenny says that it's his culture. Eric is seen giggling at this, calling Kenny an arsehole. When school is finished, Mr.Hanley calls Kenny to come to him. Mr.Hanley tells Kenny he must be studying and he should write down what a Metaphor, Onamatapeia and do a book report about The Hacker.

At Shane's bedrom, the boys are doing homework except Kenny who draws out a plan to kill Mr.Hanley. Shane tells Kenny, if he can plan then he can do homework. Kyle insits on everyone helping him. Eric says he'll tell Kenny metaphors along with Andrew. Kyle said he wanted to do metaphors, but then Eric replies that he got A+ for metaphors. Stan says he'll do onamatapeia with Kyle. So Shane has to help him with his book report about "The Hacker" Shane sighs with relief as he's read the book in England.

Eric and Andrew are telling Kenny that a metaphor are like similies but without the words "Like" or "As ___ as a" The montage song begins to play. Shane is telling Kenny what to write and then Kenny reads it. It then cuts to Stan and Kyle doing weird sounds and noise. Then back to Eric and Andrew, Eric is seen writing on it. Kyle slaps Eric because he's not supposed to write it for him.

At the next day of school, Kenny gets A- because Kyle wrote it in. Kyle wonders how. In detention Eric is outside the window writing the words 'Neh Neh Neh Nehhh!'

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