South Park episode
"A Vicky Party"
Shane Marks
Episode no. Season 3
Episode 2
Guest stars Superintendent of Colorado
Production no. 302
Original airdate
Episode chronology
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"Wendy's Other Fight" "How's Ike, I mean Peter?"
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The girls make Principal Victoria quit by doing parties


Outside South Park Elementary, the girls are playing outside, pointed out by Bebe they are playing ISpy. After Hayley getting something right, they hear Principal Victoria cry. Wendy looks at the window. Hayley bails out as she wants nothing to do with this. Victoria is seen crying because she has no one to marry. The girls start to help her. Heidi tells her that she should go to a club. Victoria agrees, she stands and is seen running.

In a club Victoria is seen trying to date someone but fails. After another person comes, who takes an intrest in her, she realises he was a pervert so she beats him up. "Another One Bites The Dust" is seen playing on the radio and starts dancing. The girls are watching and beging claping. Red states that Victoria has talent. Victoria says that she should be partying.

In the office Victoria is seen packing, the girls go in the room and they ask why she's packing. She said that she quits and wants to partying. She is seen running back home. The girls are shocked. Wendy says that they should have stayed out of it like Hayley. The boys get pissed of at the girls and tell them they should have bailed out.

At Principal Victoria's house, she is seen partying, the girls rush in and tell her she shouldn't be partying. But Victoria doesn't care. Hayley steps in and tells her that partying leads to alchool leading to models leading to the new "Paris Hilton" leading to another "Stupid Spoiled Whore" fad. Victoria stops partying and sends everyone but the girls. Victoria gives the girls dentention except Hayley for interfering.

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