South Park episode
"A Kingdom of Midgets V"
Shane Marks
Episode no. Season 1
Episode 3
Guest stars Kelfings
Production no. 103
Original airdate None
Episode chronology
Previous Next
"Hot Rod" "Warcraft Clan"
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The Kelflings take Andrew and Shane to thier wold again to stop Ninja Bee from disclosing the Kelflings world.


At the Bacthelor/Marks house, Shane and Andrew are playing Xbox 360. Andrew tell Shane that Gears of War 3 is great. Shane walks to the window sill, and gets a coke bottle. Shane drinks it, he goes back to Andrew. As Andrew is about to give a chainsaw online, the game swicthes off, but not the Xbox. Andrew asks what happened. Shane begins to know this would happen. A Ninja Bee sign is made and Andrew and Shane are sucked inside the TV.

Inside the TV, they are giants, they look at the small Kelflings. Andrew asks Shane where they are. Shane answerers him, telling him that they're in the kelflings world. Andrew is annoyed, because he hates the game. Shane tells Andrew not to worry. A male Kelfling tells Shane that Ninja Bee will be closing them. Shane wonders why and a Kelfling tells him that because of people dying. Shane and Andrew decider to help them.

At Ninja Bee headquaters they meet Steve Taylor, he tells them that A Kingdom of Kelflings is being replaced. Andrew asks why. Steve tells them that it will be comming out the next day and they wont give spoillers.

In the kelflings world, Shane tells them that Steve will say so the next day. A female kelfling tells them that they will be disbanned. Andrew says he doesn't care and leaves the TV. So does Shane.

The next day, the Kelflings are replaced by something called A World Of Kelfings.

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